Sept 25 Fishing Report Update

Salmon and Sturgeon fishing continue to produce great results on the Fraser River, we are now transitioning from Chinook & Pink Salmon to Chinook, Coho & Chum Salmon. Sturgeon remains consistent in the lower and middle portion of the river. See below for detailed report

This sturgeon measured 9ft in length and was caught & released near Mission, British Columbia

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing has been nothing short of amazing over the month of September, we landed many large fish over the month with some spectacular jumps and runs. The Sturgeon fishing will begin to slow for a week or two as sturgeon need to digest all the food they have eaten, by early to middle October sturgeon will be back on the feed bulking up for winter. Pink salmon has been the best bait but we are now switching over to Chum & Chinook Eggs, stink bait and lamprey eel.

Salmon Fishing

The Fraser River and tributaries are back into great fishing condition, The recent heavy rains had blown out many of our local rivers but things are back to normal now that we have had a few clear days to allow the river to settle back down. Reports of a few Coho starting to show up in the Vedder, Harrison and Chehalis which is expected this time of year, within the next 7 to 10 days we will see many more enter along with the fall run of Chum salmon. Chinook fishing continues to produce great results on the Fraser with most anglers prefer the bar fishing method. You read about what methods to use at

Many anglers from across the country and globe are beginning their migration to the Fraser River for their annual salmon and sturgeon adventure. October and November are the two best months for fishing the Fraser River and now is the time to get that trip booked. We offer salmon fly fishing, spin fishing and bar fishing, sturgeon fishing and walk and wade trips to smaller local streams. One of our favorite fisheries is casting Gibbs Spoons for Coho and Chinook on the Fraser and Vedder and Harrison confluence. If you have not booked your 2015 Fall Fishing Adventure, please give us a call or email us at sts

No Sturgeon over 5ft can be lifted out of the water for any reason, except when they decide to do it themselves, great picture of a 6ft tail walk.

Have a great week.

Vic Carrao