Fraser River Pre-season Estimates Just Arrived

2015 Sockeye & Pink Run Pre-Season Estimates have just come in. Looks like we will have another great year of salmon fishing on the Fraser River.

The Sockeye Pre-season estimates looks like this.

Low or 10% – 2.3 million, 50% probability 6.7 million 90% at 23.5 million fish. At 2.3 million there would be no recreational fishery, at 6.7 there would be some opportunity made available for recreational sector, 23.5 million and it would be similar to last season.

The Pink Pre-season forecast looks like this

Low- or 10% 7.6 million, 50% probability 14.4 million, 90% at 27 million. The average pink run is around 13.8 million so the 50% estimate is just above average run size.

The total run estimate for Pink and Sockeye at the 50% probability is over 20 million salmon returning to the Fraser River so I would safely say we are going to have another great season of fishing for both salmon and sturgeon.

Can’t wait for Summer.