June 14 Fishing update

Fishing has been good this past week, Fraser Sturgeon, Vancouver Salmon and Pitt River Trout fishing are all producing great results. See below for detailed report.

The Pitt River fished really well this past week, lots of fish in the 1 to 3lbs range on the fly, water is low and clear for June so hopefully we get some warm weather to get that snow melting. Although water is low Bull Trout are still moving through the lake and into the Upper Pitt River. Fishing will only improve over the next month so great time to get out and fish this river.

Fraser River Sturgeon

The Fraser River has been dropping all week and is in great shape, sturgeon fishing has been picking up this week and should be excellent for the weekend and next week. We have mostly been fishing the Mission area but reports from Chilliwack and Langley areas have been good as well. Fathers Day is tomorrow so if you can get your dad out fishing, that would be the best gift of all, if not just go spend time with him as i am sure that would be just as special.

Happy Fathers Day from my office to all you Dad’s out there

Vancouver Salmon

Salmon fishing continues to produce good results, most of our trips have been over to the Gulf Islands but Vancouver area has been producing some good results as well. I have talked quite a bit about the new Gibbs Guide Series Flashers and I just can’t say enough about them but this week I wanted to tell you about the Gibbs/Delta HailHawgs.

Hali Hawgs are used for Halibut fishing on the West Coast , this scented artificial bait has out fished fresh bait time and time again and should be in your tackle box anytime you are heaading out Halibut fishing. I know your probably saying, ya sure he probably gets them free and is just promoting them, well I do get them at a great price but I would be happy to pay full retail as they really do work.

When Halibut fishing I like to use a spreader bar with a tandem hook rig, one hooks gets fresh salmon bellies, the other gets a Hali Hawg, 8 out of 10 times the Hali Hawg is the one that gets the fish so I think that really says something about the scent that these artificial baits carry. I wish I could tell what they use but I would assume I would be hunted down and killed by the Staff at Gibbs /Delta. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Tropical Fishing in Costa Rica

This past month I have been fishing in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica where I call my home away from home. My wife teresa and I do several trips each year to one of those amazing places that you never want to leave. As you would expect, we do our fair share of fishing ,mostly inshore site fishing for a variety of tropical species. In 2015 Teresa and I will be hosting 8 night 6 day Costa rica Fishing Holiday, if you would like to join us, just send us an e-mail for details.

Hope you have a great week

Vic Carrao

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