June 10 fishing update

Vancouver Salmon fishing has been fair to good, most days are producing 2 to 6 Chinook, most of the guides are running over to Thrasher whenever possible so if you are thinking about booking a charter, we highly recommend 8 to 10 hour trips, local fishing in Vancouver Harbour can produce results on 5 hour charters but it is hit and miss with this fishery.

Fraser River Sturgeon

Waters levels on the Fraser have been dropping since June 4,flows have dropped from 5.1 meters down t 4.4 meters. Sturgeon fishing has been average for this time of year, work hard for your fish, don’t miss too many hooks sets and you should land a few nice fish. Same baits that have been working for the past 2 months, are still working but you will soon see a switch to salmon baits such as eggs, gills, belly strips and of course our favorite, stink bait.

Our Fly Fishing for trout season has just begun with our first few trips to the Upper Pitt River. Water levels have been good but we could use a bit more snowmelt to get these fish moving. For fly guys an 8 weight with a moderate sink tip with weighted flys will do the trick, most fish are caught on the swing in 14 to 20 inches of water.

If you have never caught a trout on a fly, it’s worth adding to the bucket list. We supply all fly fishing tackle, waders and expert guide for instruction. Whether you’re an intermediate or expert fly angler, the Pitt is a suitable challenge. Sea Run Bull Trout up to 12lbs are caught each season, average fish is between 2 to 5lbs with the occasional fish over 6lbs.

Father’s Day is a great day to spend on the water, if you have a boat, grab Dad and take him fishing. Over the past 20 years of guiding i can honestly say that my favorite trips are father/son or father/daughter trips, memories of these trips last a life time. To honor Dad, we are offering a special rate for rest of June. You must take the trip before the end of June, preferably on or close to Fathers Day. 6 hour sturgeon charter for $550, bring Dad and 3 friends. 5 hour Vancouver salmon charter for $650, up to 4 people.

Hope you have a great week

Vic Carrao