Sockeye summer update

I have received many inquires with regards to sockeye salmon this summer on the Fraser, as most of you know, this is one of the most difficult runs of salmon to predict, well at least for DFO it is. DFO history of accurate predictions are about as accurate as the local weather man in Vancouver so it really is a wait and see before anyone can really answer the burning question" will there be a sockeye opening?" Below I have provided you with DFO latest update.

Fishing has been really good for both salmon and sturgeon for us, in fact sturgeon fishing has been quite amazing the last few days. Yesterday i ended my day with double header 7 footers and managed to land an 8footer as well. Salmon fishing on the Fraser has been slow to fair but the ocean has been producing some incredible fishing. If you have a couple days to spare, our coal harbour fishing is on fire for both salmon and halibut.

Current assessment information suggests that the abundance of Summer-run

sockeye is either lower than forecast or the migration timing is much later

than forecast. At this time the return of Summer-run sockeye would need to be 9

days later than predicted in order to achieve the mid-point of the preseason

run size forecast of 3,718,000. Based on pre-season information, summer-run

sockeye (Chilko, Quesnel, Late Stuart, Stellako, Harrison, Raft, and North

Thompson) are expected to provide most of the fishing opportunities directed at

Fraser sockeye this season. The peak migration of Summer-run sockeye (Chilko)

was forecast to be earlier than average by approximately 5 days. No changes to

the run size of Summer-run sockeye abundance were made at the panel meeting

yesterday. The estimated escapement of Summer-run sockeye past Mission through

August 5th is 382,800 fish.

Catches of pink salmon in marine test fisheries continue to be at higher levels

than usual for this time of year. DNA samples indicate that the Fraser

comprises a very small proportion of the pink salmon presently being harvested

in marine test fisheries, with 4 to 6 % in Areas 12 and 20, respectively. Pink

salmon with other South Coast Canadian stocks make up between 86% (Area 12) and

59% (Area 20%) and the remainder of U.S. origin.

August is a busy month here in Mission, the Rock’n River festival gets going on August 15 and goes for 3 days. If you would like to see some great country bands and spend some time on the river fishing, give us a shout as we still have a few boats available. More info @