July 26 Fishing Report

The past two weeks have been very productive for both salmon and trout and fair to good for sturgeon. We have been fishing the Vancouver area, West Coast of the Island, Pitt River and Fraser for Sturgeon, See below for detailed report.

The Fraser River opens this weekend for sport fishing for salmon, water is dropping fast so there should be some salmon out there to catch. We highly recommend you fish with selective methods such as Bar Fishing to avoid catching sockeye salmon until they are open for retention. There are many methods used for catch salmon so maybe checkout some of the tips found on fishingwithrod.com

Vancouver Island Salmon

I have just returned from 2 weeks of guiding over at our Coal Harbour Location, the fishing has been red hot with Coho and Chinook Salmon as well as Halibut and Rock Fish such as snapper and ling cod. We still have dates available from now until end of August so if you are looking for a 2 or 3 day trip, this is a great location. The best part is that we do not have to fish too far out so most of the fishing is like trolling in a lake with flat water.

Glen, Brian and Taylor had some great fishing on the west coast, this day we limited out on both Chinook and Coho.

Glen hooked this beauty Ling Cod weighing 19lbs.,

This 29 lb Chinook was landed by Dan Cenentari of Asotin Washington, nice fish Dan

Salmon Fishing on the West Coast will continue to produce these types of results for another 4 to 6 weeks so if your looking for that trip of a lifetime, give us a shout. We are trolling spoons, anchovies and ultra violet Hoochies. Although most of the guides and anglers will only use anchovies we caught our 5 largest Chinook trolling the Silver Horde Kingfisher.

826_0 This spoon fished very well behind our Highliner Flasher 0777-GOGY-GOLD-GREEN-YELLOW_0

Vancouver salmon

Salmon Fishing in around vancouver has been fair to good, our last charter a few days ago landed a couple nice Coho and a Chinook Salmon, as more fish begin to enter the Fraser, Salmon fishing will only improve. Best biat right now is Anchovies, White hoochies for Coho and G-Force Spoons has been knocking them dead both on the Island and Vancouver area.


The Pink Salmon have showed up on the north shore and they are hitting just about anything but small spoons, hoochies and just about anything Pink will work. The set up shown above would work well also.

Fishing for salmon around Vancouver can produce good results in July/August.

Fraser Sturgeon

Water is dropping really fast right now but I think we are goling to see a bit of a rise over the next few days due to warm weather. Sturgeon fishing has been fair with most trips landed between 3 to 6 fish in a 8 hour charter and 3 to 5 fish ion a 6 hour charter athough we did have a couple bad days with no fish. We are using all kinds of bait right now with no one bait being best but Lamprey has still been producing consistent results.


Nice big Kiss for the Sturgeon, hopefully he will appreciate all the love.lol.

Pitt River Trout & Salmon

The Pitt River has been fishing very good the past few weeks, lots of salmon showing up with both Chinook and Sockeye in the river as well as Bull Trout. All of our trips have done well this past week so now is the time to get out and enjoy the great fishing.

very nice Bull Trout caught on the Pitt River this past week.

Overall Fishing is very good right now and we are expecting some great salmon runs over the next 3 months, our schedule is beginning to get full but we will always do our best to get you out on the water. Our Fraser Canyon trips start this weekend and I will be up fishing and touring the canyon all summer.

Hope to see you on the water

Vic Carrao.