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STS Guiding Service has been providing quality fishing charters and vacations since 1994, established by Vic and Teresa Carrao, STS has evolved from a single guide and boat to a team of some of the most skilled, talented and dedicated fishing guides in the Fraser Valley. Year round we carry a Team of angling guides include 4 full time & 4 part time guides who specializing in Sturgeon, Salmon and Fly Fishing. During peak seasons we call upon our associate guides for help and carry as many as 15 full and part time angling guides.

Oct 6 Fishing trip details

Fishing has been good to excellent since our last report, our guides working out of Mission have been putting some amazing fish on the beach including a 9ft 8 sturgeon   by Ryan. Most of the best bites are happening on the incoming tide or just after the tide turns, the hard outflow tide has been the most challenging. Best baits have been salmon heads and now stink bait seems to be the key although we caught some nice fish on sockeye roe & chum roe this week so probably best to have a little bit of everything.

 Some of the best sturgeon fishing is still yet to come, as many of you know, October and November are the best two months and the good news is we still have dates to fit you in. Tom, Thomas and the rest of STS guides are fishing hard 7 days a week and are dialed in. If you are looking to book with some of the top guides on the Fraser, now is the time.

 Sockeye Salmon continue to migrate up the Fraser but as of today the river closes to retention. There are lots of Chinook, Coho and now Chum entering the river on each high tide so it’s time to switch from bottom bouncing and start some real fishing using bar rods, spinning rods and fly rods. Our favorites for Coho are the Gibbs Crocs, Tee Spoons and bar fishing with Yakima baits spin n glos.

  Fly fishing is getting started with our groupo from Spain, they are catching some big chum on the Harrison River. Float fishing with colorado blades and jigs work best if you don’t fly fish, just remember to dead drift your presentation for best results.

 The Fraser and location tributaries are fishing well and now is the time to get out if your not tired from the long summer of sockeye fishing. The Vedder is producing some nice Coho and Chum as well as those big white meat Chinook. Best to float fish with cured salmon eggs, orange or red wool, colorado blades or get out the spoons and toss some Gibbs hammered brss red firestripe crocs.

Last but not least we are giving away some great prizes on our Facebook page, make sure you follow us and post to win some Gibbs/Delta Fishing tackle packages.




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Sept 13 report update

Sturgeon fishing has been fair to excellent this past week, most of our full day sturgeon charters are producing some excellent results, our combination salmon sturgeon charters have been less productive so if you are looking to catch some large sturgeon I highly recommend focusing on sturgeon all day. Salmon fishing has been slow this past week, one commercial fishery after another doesn’t help much to get fish up to in-river fisherman.

I’ve spend most of the summer up in the canyon while Tom and the boys are fishing out of Mission, we landed some beauty fish but larger fish are definitely coming out of the Mission area right now. We are still focusing on sockeye salmon baits but now that the chum salmon are starting to show up it won’t be long before we switch over to Chum roe and stink bait.

Vancouver salmon fishing continues to produce some great results, trolling for sockeye has been very productive using the new Gibbs-Delta Guide series flashers. These fish are bright and scrappy and most guest are going home with their limits. This fishery is almost over, maybe another week to 10 days and we will be switiching over to coho and fall chinook.

Speaking of the new guide series flashers, we have a few Gibbs-Delta STS UV Glo Flashers to give away, just go to our STS facebook page and post a picture of your latest catch out in the salt, tell us a bit about your trip and favorite place to saltwater fish and we will send you a Gibb-Delta Fishing Package including the new STS UV GLO Flasher.

Here are a few nice pics from this week.

Have a great weekend.