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STS Guiding Service has been providing quality fishing charters and vacations since 1994, established by Vic and Teresa Carrao, STS has evolved from a single guide and boat to a team of some of the most skilled, talented and dedicated fishing guides in the Fraser Valley. Year round we carry a Team of angling guides include 4 full time & 4 part time guides who specializing in Sturgeon, Salmon and Fly Fishing. During peak seasons we call upon our associate guides for help and carry as many as 15 full and part time angling guides.

Sept 14, Monster Sturgeon Just Landed

This 10ft 5 inch Sturgeon is one of the largest sturgeon landed on the Fraser so far this season, congratulations to Jake Martens and friends from Grande Praire, Alberta.

Sept 13 report update

Sturgeon fishing has been fair to excellent this past week, most of our full day sturgeon charters are producing some excellent results, our combination salmon sturgeon charters have been less productive so if you are looking to catch some large sturgeon I highly recommend focusing on sturgeon all day. Salmon fishing has been slow this past week, one commercial fishery after another doesn’t help much to get fish up to in-river fisherman.

I’ve spend most of the summer up in the canyon while Tom and the boys are fishing out of Mission, we landed some beauty fish but larger fish are definitely coming out of the Mission area right now. We are still focusing on sockeye salmon baits but now that the chum salmon are starting to show up it won’t be long before we switch over to Chum roe and stink bait.

Vancouver salmon fishing continues to produce some great results, trolling for sockeye has been very productive using the new Gibbs-Delta Guide series flashers. These fish are bright and scrappy and most guest are going home with their limits. This fishery is almost over, maybe another week to 10 days and we will be switiching over to coho and fall chinook.

Speaking of the new guide series flashers, we have a few Gibbs-Delta STS UV Glo Flashers to give away, just go to our STS facebook page and post a picture of your latest catch out in the salt, tell us a bit about your trip and favorite place to saltwater fish and we will send you a Gibb-Delta Fishing Package including the new STS UV GLO Flasher.

Here are a few nice pics from this week.

Have a great weekend.


Sept 8 fishing report

Both salmon and sturgeon fishing has been good this week with most guests taking home limits of sockeye and the occasional Chinook. Sturgeon fishing has also been productive with some very nice sturgeon being landed each day. See below for detailed report.

Fraser River Sturgeon

Sturgeon fishing has been fair to good this past week with quite a few fish over 8ft landed, our biggest fish this week was 9ft 2 and we landed a few over 8ft as well. Most of our fish are being caught on sockeye baits such as eggs, belly strips and gills, a few fish on lamprey eel as well. Most of our trips are heading out early morning to catch sockeye switching to sturgeon in late morning or early afternoon.

Our facebook page is being updated each and every day so if you are wondering how we are doing or would like to keep track before your trip with STS, follow along and join us on our page, we have some great giveaways going on to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Fraser River Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing has been fair to good this past week, productivity has been solely based on whether or not there has been a commercial fishery the past few days. Seems as though just as the salmon fishing gets good, the next day they announce a gillnet fishery and then fishing slows again. Although we are getting most clients into salmon, limits can be hard to come by some days.

Some Chinook are being caught on the Fraser and over the next few weeks we will start to see the fall run of Harrison and Vedder Chinook Salmon. These fish are best caught by bar fishing on the Fraser using spin n glo’s, you can also fly fish or spin fish once water clears a bit more. Over the next few weeks we will also begin seeing the fall run of Coho which should be excellent this year. Best times to target these fish are early October through to 3rd week then Chum, Coho and sturgeon to fishish off the season until late November.

Most of our Hells Gate Tours are completed for this season but we do have some available dates for private tours and full day sturgeon/whitewater adventures. If this is something you would like to try, give us a shout and we will help you put together a trip of a lifetime.

Big water for big boats, gotta love the canyon

Have a great week


August 31 report

This week has been a bit slow for both salmon and sturgeon although a have had some great hours of fishing, just not predictable or consistent.

We have landed some beauty sturgeon and many limits of sockeye but also a few disappointing trips as well. Doug landed his largest of the season. This week with a 9 ft 3 and Rob landed another fish over 8 ft.

Looks like lots of salmon moving into the Fraser so we will have to wait and see how thick the schools are before we get too excited

Best Regards

Vic Carrao
STS Guiding Service

August 13 Fishing Report Update

Fraser River Salmon

The Fraser has been fishing well the past few days for both Chinook and Sockeye, water is dropping fast so more quality angling locations are opening up each day, Shore anglers are focusing on locations along Hwy 7 and on the south side of the Fraser, Gill Road and Peg leg are your best bet. For most anglers fishing from shore,  the access to the Fraser is better along Hwy 7. Those anglers fishing from boats, the area between Agassiz and Sumas confluence is your best bet. The next 3 weeks should produce the best results for sockeye so time to start planning your days on the water.

Fraser River Sturgeon

Sturgeon fishing has been excellent this past week, plenty of fish caught between 5 to 8ft with our largest fish measuring 9ft 5 inches lead by STS guide Breaden Szlabon while guiding. Sturgeon have been feeding on sockeye so any sockeye baits such as bellies, gills, heads, fillets or eggs will work. Big baits can mean big fish so try uping your bait size to target larger fish. August and September are very busy for us and we are now starting to fill October and November dates.

Vancouver Salmon

Vancouver salmon fishing has been excellent this past week, if you’re on the water when the bite happens it is epic fishing. This past couple days we have witnessed some pods of Killer Whales feeding on sockeye which is quite incredible. Also lots of sockeye moving up the north arm of the Fraser so I think you will see the best fishing transfer from ocean to river very soon. If you are booked with us for a Vancouver Salmon trip you might want to consider moving that trip to the river.

Hells Gate Tours

We have been very busy in the canyon both fishing for sturgeon and running our Whitewater Tours, now is the time to experience this region as the water is just getting big. Most of our dates are full but we have provide a couple openings below.

I have 8 seats available for our 4 hour tour on Sunday August 31 and 6 seats for our 2 hour Hope to sailor Bar tour for this Sunday.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Vancouver Salmon

August 8 fishing report update

Overall fishing has been fair to excellent for both salmon and sturgeon, lots of big fish being landed by our team on a daily basis, yesterday 2 fish over 8ft and a few over 7ft. Both lower and middle Fraser are fishing well for sturgeon, lots more great fishing to come.

Sturgeon fishing has been excellent is Mission and middle river between Chilliwack and Hope, not big numbers of fish but big size for sure. All of our guides have been landing sturgeon over 8ft this past week so great time to get out and do some fishing. Best baits have been sockeye gills, bellies, eggs or pick up a spring floater and give that a try. Over the next few weeks both salmon and sturgeon fishing is going to light up.

Vancouver Salmon

Vancouver salmon fishing has been picking up, lots of sockeye starting to stage at the mouth of the north arm and near the T-10 marker. Thomas is out daily so if you are looking for a salmon charter out of Vancouver, we still have some boats available for this weekend. There is a very specific technique needed to catch sockeye out in the salt, dummy flashers run on the downriggers is a must, also running your flasher close to the rigger cable is also important and don’t forget to pick up the new Gibbs /Delta T-10 Flasher specially made for sockeye.

Gibbs/Delta Pro Staffer Rick Clarke has been out slaying sockeye, this is the new Gibbs/Delta T-10 with pink hoochie, keep the leader short to 24inches.

Fraser River Salmon

Fraser river is starting to shape up, water is dropping and clearing and is starting to produce some good fishing, as with most rivers, location, location, location is the key. Water is still high so shore fishing is limited but if you have a boat there is plenty of water to fish. Numbers of sockeye moving through the lower Fraser has been good this past week and by the looks of the mouth of the Fraser there is plenty more to come. Over the next 3 weeks we should see the peak of the sockeye move up the river so get your gear ready for some great fishing.

Hells Gate Tours

I still have a 2 seats available for August 23 morning trip and August 31 still has room for 10 on the afternoon trip. This is all we have for August so jump on them now or they will be gone quickly.

Have a great weekend


August 2 fishing report update

The news everyone has been waiting for has been announced, the Fraser River Sockeye fishery open August 6 for retention of sockeye salmon between Mission and Alexander Bridge above hope. This years run is supposed to be a record run of yup to 70 million fish so if we see these numbers, fishing will be amazing. Keep in mind we also fish for Chinook and sturgeon on many of our guided salmon charters so overall a great day on the water.

Sockeye salmon are beginning to pour into the Fraser so I would think that by middle of August we should see some great fishing for salmon on the Fraser. We still have boats available for most days so please give us a call or e-mail to book. Please keep in mind we are on the water each day so we do our best to get back to you ASAP.

We just returned from our west coast fishing location where we enjoyed some of the best salmon and halibut fish found anywhere in British Columbia. Our daily catch includes Chinook Salmon, Coho, Halibut, Ling Cod, Snapper, and other ground fish. Our largest Chinook landed so far has been 38 lbs landed by Mike James from Lewiston Idaho , largest Ling Cod was 42 lbs, lots of Halibut between 15 to 30 lbs with some in the high 40’s.

Sturgeon fishing has really picked up on the Fraser this past week with lots of big fish being caught. STS guides have been put some big fish on the beach so great time to get out and do some salmon and sturgeon fishing. Now is the time to start using salmon baits such as sockeye gills, salmon bellies and other salmon parts. Most fish are feeding aggressively so be patient and allow the fish to take down the rod tip before setting the hook.

Some very nice sturgeon being caught right now in both lower and middle Fraser, good timer to get out and give it a try.

Our group from Waylon Transport did some serious damage while fishing with STS a few weeks ago. Great fishing guys.

Hope you all have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine and we will see you on the water.