Fly Fishing The Upper Pitt River

Fly Fishing Vancouver and Upper Pitt River

Vancouver fly fishing offers some of the best fly fishing in Vancouver area. Locally within 30 minutes from the city of Vancouver you can experience fly fishing for salmon, fly fishing for trout, and fly fishing for steelhead. We fish 7 river systems & 50 lakes including fly fishing the Upper Pitt River and fly fishing the Fraser River, all of which are within 90 minutes of Vancouver including several remote rivers. Fishing with Fly Fishing Vancouver you can experience some of the most beautiful scenery and most spectacular fly fishing for 5 species of salmon, sea run bull trout, cutthroats and steelhead.

Harry Graham of County Atrim, Ireland caught this 30 plus lb Chinook Salmon while fly fishing the Fraser River.

Fly fishing in the Vancouver region is a year round fishery with calm open waters. We fly fish during winter months for trout and steelhead on both the Fraser River and Vedder River, once spring arrives we continue to fly fish for steelhead but turn our trout fishing to the Fraser River where millions of salmon fry are migrating to the ocean. Steelhead fly fishing is one of the most challenging and rewarding fisheries in our region. We offer both guided day trips and instructional fly fishing lessons.

June & July provide some of the best fly fishing for sea-run trout on the Upper Pitt River. We spend most of the summer fly fishing this river for trout up to 10 lbs. This fly fishing adventure begins only 40 minutes drive from Vancouver with a spectacular boat ride across one of the largest tidal lakes in North America. Once we arrive at the north end we begin our adventure into the remote region known as the upper Pitt River Valley. You can read more on this adventure on our trout pages.

This 3lb trout was caught during the month of June, all fish caught on this river are released unharmed.

Salmon fly fishing begins in late summer and lasts until well into the month of November. Each river system has it’s own unique fisheries and best times to fish. We offer fly-fishing for salmon on the Fraser River, Harrison River, Pitt River, Lillooet River, Stave River and several other local rivers. For day trips we would choose the best river at that time period, for those looking for multi-day trips or week long fishing holidays, we would fish several rivers for a variety of salmon species. see our salmon fly fishing pages for more detailed description as to when and where we fish.