Nov 10 Fishing Report Update

Vic Carrao announces the sale of STS Guiding Service Limited

You may have heard some rumors over the past few months of the sale of STS, well it’s true. We are very pleased to announce that STS Guiding Service has been sold to one of BC’s biggest and best guide outfitters BC Sport Fishing Group based out of Harrison Hot Springs. ” Nothing really changes within STS said Vic Carrao, all of our guides will stay in place and I will become the sales manager dealing with sales and customer service and continue to run the Hope to Hells Gate Tours and Fraser Canyon Sturgeon Adventures. “ “I needed some help with the day to day operations due to some health issues and felt that now was the right time to make the move from owner to manager” . Tony Nootebos (owner of BCSFG) has been in the fishing industry for over 20 years and has worked closely with Vic representing the industry on both Federal and Provincial committees, they know each other very well and will make a great team. Keeping the two companies separate will allow STS to continue to focus on the Mission area while BCSFG’s main operation is out of Harrison and Chilliwack, this brings the total guide team to over 28 guides both full and part time. “ We do many large corporate fishing trips where STS needs to hire outside help, this has always been a sore spot with me as it’s hard to find the quality of guides that can offer the same level of experience. BCSFG has a great team of guides and we will now be able to draw from that pool when needed. This will give our customers a higher quality experience and consistency that they have become accustom too. “I would like to thank all of our loyal customers over the past 22 years who have helped us become the company we are today, I look forward to working with you in the future and am excited to get the 2016 season started.

Fraser Valley Fishing Report for Nov 10

Fishing in the Fraser Valley has been excellent this past week, lots of sturgeon being caught on the Fraser and Harrison, good numbers of Chum and a few Coho on the Fraser, Harrison , Stave and tributaries. Our Harrison River Eagle Tours are running daily out of Harrison Hot Springs and we have just announced our first dates for 2016 seminars, please see below for more details.

Sturgeon Fishing

Both the Fraser and Harrison have been producing some great results for sturgeon in the 3 to 7ft range, we landed several larger fish in the 8ft range as well. The numbers of fish have been impressive to say the least, 75 fish between two boats in one day in not the normal catch but that is what we have seen this past week. I would not suggest that all charters are going to produce these types of results but it is an indication of some great action.

Speaking of great sturgeon fishing, we still have some of the best action of the year ahead of us in the month of November. Sturgeon are bulking up for winter and need to feed. In the lower River between Mission and Langley the tides play an important role for best bite. Incoming tides are good but best bite is just after a high slack. If your fishing well above Mission and between Harrison confluence the tides are not a factor , these would also ring true for the Harrison River as there is no tidal influence this high up. Salmon eggs and meat are good choices for bait this time of year but other baits such as lamprey will catch fish year round.

2016 STS Guiding Sturgeon Seminar – We are once again offering our Spring Sturgeon Seminars, this seminar is 6 hours on the boat with one of our full time guides learning everything you need to know to be a successful sturgeon angler.

We cover: best baits, sturgeon migrations, where , when and how to target sturgeon in all water conditions, hook sets, readying bites, best sturgeon handling practices and much more.

Cost is $175 per person.

2 Dates – Saturday April 16 or Sunday April 17 ( limited seating available)

To register e-mail us at

Speaking of Seminars, we also will be offering our very popular Fraser River Jet Boat Seminar. This seminar is a full day on the Fraser River with Vic Carrao of STS jet boating 240km from Mission to Hells Gate and Back. This seminar is for anyone who already has a jet boat or is thinking about purchasing one. Vic will show you how to navigate the Fraser River, run whitewater, surf a jet boat in big water, read shallow water, anchoring techniques, jet boat control and much much more.

Cost – $195.00 per person

2 dates – Saturday April 2 or Sunday April 3 ( we sell out every year so book early to get a seat.)

To register – email us at sts

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing has been fair to good on most of our local rivers, the Harrison, Stave and Dewdney Slough all get late runs of Coho and Chum and can be good well into December. These fish can be caught on the fly or Spin fishing with spoons, float fishing with salmon eggs or wool ties also work well. My favorite is fly or spoon, for spoons we use Gibbs/Delta lures, there are many that work , picking the right lure for the water conditions is the key, if your fishing less than 6 feet of water the Ironhead, Crocs or Ultra lure series works best, if your fishing deeper water the Koho Killer or Croc series work well. The key is to keep the retrieve slow and steady. If you find yourself retrieving quickly, slow it down and you will find success.

Best Regards

Vic Carrao

STS Guiding Service


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