Fishing Report Update for August 21

Salmon fishing on the Fraser is closed until further notice but remains open in some tributaries and Vancouver area ocean. Sturgeon fishing remains open on the Fraser and Pitt River for salmon and trout. Please see below for details.

First off I would like to apologize for the late report, I have been away for 2 weeks on a motorcycle holiday to the 75 anniversary of Sturgis Motorcycle rally. Upon my return I was surprised to find out that the Fraser River closed to salmon fishing due to the low number of sockeye salmon entering the Fraser. This past summer has been the driest summer on record with only a handful of rainy days in the past 3 months. Because of the warmer than normal conditions, sockeye will hold up in the ocean waiting for cooler temperatures, eventually they will have to make the migration up the river but it will be slower than what we are used to.

From what I am hearing within the fishery management department or DFO, the closure of the Fraser for Salmon fishing will be short lived, with a little luck we should have the river re-opened before the start of the Pink Salmon season ( Sept 1) as they are now starting to migrate up the Fraser River is decent numbers. The Pink run is estimated between 10 & 16 million fish so there is some great fishing ahead. Chinook numbers in the Fraser are some of the highest we have seen in years so we just need them darn sockeye to get going so we can get back into the river and fish. Until then sturgeon fishing has been excellent as has the salmon fishing in Vancouver.

The Fishn Canada Show returns to the Fraser this week with Pete Bowman and Angelo Viola coming to fish with Vic Carrao of STS. Vic will be hosting the crew for 3 days this week while they fish the canyon for that elusive monster sturgeon. Vic has done a few shows with Pete and Angelo over the years and is really looking forward to hosting them once again.

Despite the salmon closure, fishing has remained very good for salmon in Vancouver, we have several boats located in the Vancouver area that offer daily charters departing from Richmond and Vancouver area. The Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser has been excellent and well above average for August. Best boats for sturgeon have been salmon parts and lamprey eel, best lures for salmon have been trolling with Gibbs Guide Series flashers and G force spoons.

Thomas has been out on the salt bringing in some nice Chinook, Coho and Pink Salmon, if your looking to get out, give us a shout at 604-671-3474 or email at sts

Have a great week, we will keep you up to date on the status of the Fraser and our season.