Passing of a great man

I will do my best to pay respects to someone who has meant the world to many people including his family, friends and those people who fish and boat the Snake River in the famous Hells Canyon. Ernie Heimgartner …was a legend is his time and still is to many of us who love the snake river canyon. Ernie was one of the first guides pioneering some of the most dangerous rapids in North America with is 19ft fiberglass propeller boat. Ernie’s love for the canyon was unconditional and inspiring. Ernie guided many famous people rallying the troops to stop the building of the Dam at Line Point just above Hellar Bar. If it was not for Ernie, the Snake River will not be what it is today.]

I was very fortunate to meet Ernie one summer day while camping at Bear Bar in Snake River Canyon, a mutual friend introduced us to Ernie. After a quick introduction, Ernie and his 2 pals were off heading up the canyon to run some whitewater and catch a few steelhead. At the young age of 75 Ernie was still heading up the canyon for a 3 day fishing trip sleeping in his custom built 25ft jet boat. I was fortunate to get to know Ernie, fish with him both on the Fraser and Snake River, trips I will never forget.
Ernie is and always will be in our hearts, he is one amazing man that will never be forgotten. Ernie, we will miss you dearly buddy, rest in peace my friend. See More

Ernie Heimgartner landing a beauty Salmon River Steelhead.

RIP Ernie, we will miss you buddy.