August 8 fishing report update

Overall fishing has been fair to excellent for both salmon and sturgeon, lots of big fish being landed by our team on a daily basis, yesterday 2 fish over 8ft and a few over 7ft. Both lower and middle Fraser are fishing well for sturgeon, lots more great fishing to come.

Sturgeon fishing has been excellent is Mission and middle river between Chilliwack and Hope, not big numbers of fish but big size for sure. All of our guides have been landing sturgeon over 8ft this past week so great time to get out and do some fishing. Best baits have been sockeye gills, bellies, eggs or pick up a spring floater and give that a try. Over the next few weeks both salmon and sturgeon fishing is going to light up.

Vancouver Salmon

Vancouver salmon fishing has been picking up, lots of sockeye starting to stage at the mouth of the north arm and near the T-10 marker. Thomas is out daily so if you are looking for a salmon charter out of Vancouver, we still have some boats available for this weekend. There is a very specific technique needed to catch sockeye out in the salt, dummy flashers run on the downriggers is a must, also running your flasher close to the rigger cable is also important and don’t forget to pick up the new Gibbs /Delta T-10 Flasher specially made for sockeye.

Gibbs/Delta Pro Staffer Rick Clarke has been out slaying sockeye, this is the new Gibbs/Delta T-10 with pink hoochie, keep the leader short to 24inches.

Fraser River Salmon

Fraser river is starting to shape up, water is dropping and clearing and is starting to produce some good fishing, as with most rivers, location, location, location is the key. Water is still high so shore fishing is limited but if you have a boat there is plenty of water to fish. Numbers of sockeye moving through the lower Fraser has been good this past week and by the looks of the mouth of the Fraser there is plenty more to come. Over the next 3 weeks we should see the peak of the sockeye move up the river so get your gear ready for some great fishing.

Hells Gate Tours

I still have a 2 seats available for August 23 morning trip and August 31 still has room for 10 on the afternoon trip. This is all we have for August so jump on them now or they will be gone quickly.

Have a great weekend