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Gibbs-Delta Tackle is proud to announce it has purchased Rhys Davis Ltd.

Gibbs-Delta Tackle is Canada’s oldest and largest tackle manufacturer and is celebrating its 106th anniversary. They currently supply over 10,000 sku’s of fishing tackle that sell world-wide. Rhys Davis has been manufacturing and providing quality tackle since 1954 and is known as a leader in the industry, manufacturing bait heads for Anchovy, Herring and Strip.

Rhys Davis is a perfect fit for our company states Chief Operating Officer Rob Alcock. Bait heads are the only item we were missing for our salt and fresh water customers. We can utilize our efficiencies in production, innovation and marketing to keep the Rhys Davis brand as popular and productive as it has been for the past 60 years. Rhys Davis bait heads are commonly used with our Highliner Flashers and now we can customize colors and packages that will be very exciting. Anglers will have lots to look forward too. After 40 years in the business, it is time to move on says Tom Davis, President – Rhys Davis Ltd. Gibbs-Delta is the right fit and I am confident that they will honor the Rhys Davis name and it’s exciting to see this brand go to another Canadian company with so much history, pride and success.

Syd Pallister, Chief Financial Officer of Gibbs-Delta notes that Tom Davis built a great product that has a solid following. We are excited to bring it under the Gibbs-Delta umbrella. Our customers are important to us and they will see immediate benefits as they can take advantage of our aggressive programs while purchasing Gibbs, Delta, Zak, Silver Horde, Yamashita and now Rhys Davis all on the same PO.

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