Oct 27 Fishing Report Update

Both salmon and sturgeon fishing continues to produce good results, yesterday was a great day for sturgeon fishing for all of our groups with lots of fish over 6ft and a few over 7ft. I started my day with a 7ft 2 and ended my day with a 6ft 2, the other 7 fish were all over 5ft except one so a pretty good day over all.

Our best baits have been salmon roe but we are still getting a few fish on stink bait and lamprey but I would be saving the lamprey for spring or early summer when this bait is most important to sturgeon.

Salmon fishing continue to be good, Thomas managed to land several chrome Coho and fresh chum fishing with both spoons and float fishing jigs. This years Coho run has been amazing with lots of fish still pouring into the river. We wiull see a slow down over the next week but until then we will keep fishing for both Coho and Chum.

Here is a nice Chinook landed last week, this run is pretty much over but still lots of great Chum and Coho fishing available.

Have a great Halloween