Monster Sturgeon 2 days in a row.

I guess it is my turn this week to land a couple big fish, yesterday an 8ft 1 with 45 in girth and today an 8ft 11 with a 47.5 inch girth. Both fish were in mint condition , scanned and tagged with a Pitt Tag. Great to see lots of big fish this year with no tags, I guess is shows there are still lots of virgin sturgeon lurking the might Fraser River.

Neils Thomsen visiting from Norway landed this 8ft 1 inch Canyon Fish yesterday while fishing with friends Michael, Peter and Brynjar.

The Sturgeon fishing has slowed the past few days but as you can see there are still some great fish out there to be caught. These fish have been feeding on Pink Salmon for over a month and are getting full. The good news is that they will turn back on as we get closer to November and we should experience some great fishing between now and mid November.

This 8ft 11inch sturgeon measured with a 47.5 inch girth, what a great fish for the boys from Spruce Groves Western Trucking

Coho Fishing was also amazing today with over 26 fish landed between two groups, lots of Coho being reported both on the Vedder Canal, Fraser and Harrison River area as well as Dewdney Slough area near confluence with Fraser. Most popular methods have been fishing with Gibbs/Delta spoons and casting colorado blades with split shot. I find that Gibbs Crocs and Ultra Lures work best in Harrison and Colorado blades work best in Vedder or Dewdney slough.

Here is a beauty Coho caught by Brynjar guided by Tom Pearce.