August 27 Report

Looks like most of our guide team is dialing in on the big fish this week, in the last two days we have landed 12 fish over 7ft and 3 over 8. We are working hard for our fish, putting in the time and having a blast. Most of the fish are over 5 feet with lots of six and seven footers. Salmon fishing continues to be excellent out in the chuck for both Chinook Salmon and Pink, even getting the odd Coho.

Here is one from today measuring 7ft 11 to the fork, Toms working hard for these big ones but looks like he is dialed.

I spent the last two days fishing and filming with La tournee de Films Tour Chasse & Peche and Western Trophy Outfitters from Laval Quebec. We fished both days for sturgeon and now tomorrow we are heading to the Salt to fish for salmon. Today we cut the day short after landing our 4th fish over 6ft and ran up to Sailor Bar for a little boat surfing and whitewater fun. Our biggest today was 7ft 4 but after just landing a 6ft 11 , Kenny and Stefan were pooped.

Here are a few pics from today.

Stefan with his first big sturgeon, I think he has a new found respect for sturgeon and their power

Vic, Stefan and Kenny holding a beauty from today

Kenny’s Turn to battle a big fish today, this one is going to kick his ass, nap time shorty after we landed this

Just under 8ft this amazing sturgeon was released but not until we scanned her for a Pitt Tag.

Salmon fishing has been equally good and Thomas has been ripping some lips out at the Sand Heads and T-10. Each day brings another adventure and today I think Thomas was getting the full experience. Kelly and the guys from DMK Drilling Fluids spent the day out of our Delta Airport Hotel location, tomorrow they are on the Fraser for Sturgeon.

No word on the Fraser Salmon opening yet but I do not expect it to last must longer. It is high time DFO opened the Fraser back up for sport fishing for Chinook and Pink Salmon especially after all the night fish that is occurring on the river. If you have been reading the local news over 60 nets and 9 boats have been seized from illegal fishing on the Fraser.

Here is a picture I took a few days ago of DFO Enforcement officers doing a great job pulling nets in the canyon.

We have had a few boats fishing the mouth of the Vedder and although there are a few Pink Salmon moving through, still not enough to make it work while fishing this area, that could change in a day or two but if you want to catch some pinks salmon in the river, I would suggest heading up further near Chilliwack.

Lots of great fishing to come , we still have plenty of good dates so give us a shout and lets go fishing.