August 14 Fishing update

I was out on the water today have a spectacular day of salmon fishing when my phone rings, local fishery manager Sheldon Evers was on the line breaking the bad news to me before i read it on-line. The Fraser River will be closing in a few days for all salmon fishing due to exremely high water temperatures and lack of migrating salmon. That might explain why we hooked 9 chinook today and lost a bunch more.
Until further notice the fraser will be closed to salmon fishing, we can continue to fish for sturgeon and all of our guests will have the option to fish salmon out of our Delta Hotel Location on a first come first serve basis. If anyone else is looking for some great salmon fishing, we still have some dates available for our saltwater salmon fishing.
We don’t expect to Fraser to stay closed for long, we just a bit of rain ( which we are getting as i write this) to get these fish moving up the river. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we will be salmon fishing on the Fraser within a week to 10 days.
until then we will continue to offer salmon fishing in the Vancouver and Vancouver island areas, sturgeon on the Fraser and Fraser Canyon and our jet boat tours up the Fraser, We are also fly and spin fishing the Pitt River so still lots of options.

Best Regards

Vic Carrao
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