Thank you for an amazing vacation

Hi Vic, hi Teresa,

I wanted to thank you again for a very special week that Thomas and myself were able to spend with you and your amazing guides.

Your professionally organized trips, from boats to tackle to lunch to …, the superb guides, especially Tom (greetings!),
all this combined with the dedication and "fever" that you and the crew have … it couldn´t get better.

It was so good to see that you and for example Tom still have so much fun in your "job".
I just think of the sparkles in your eyes when you used your new anchor winch, Vic 😉

I enclosed a few pictures, I am especially proud of the one "half-circle-jumping" pink.

Please don´t forget my sincere invitation to our house if you consider snow skiing in the Alps
(whether Germany or Austria; i wouldn´t recommend Switzerland, that is just extremely expensive)

Best wishes

Ralf Binder