August 27th Fishing Report Update

The Fraser River has risen over 1 meter in the last 36 hours, lots of small sticks in the water. This water is coming from the Kenney Dam up north on the Nachako River and won’t last more than a few days. The water in Prince George is already dropping. Our canyon trip today was a bit more difficult with all the sticks but we did manage to make it to Hells Gate on the first trip , unfortunately then second trip only made it half way.

Fishing today was a bit slower for Sturgeon although all of our boats still caught fish. The Pinks are moving into the Vedder now so anglers who like to fish the lower canal will starting picking up good numbers of fish on High tide. Boat anglers are starting to target Pinks on both Fraser & Harrison Confluences as well as the mouth of the North Arm and South Arm T 10 marker.

Teresa and I went out last night on the salt for a couple hours, we landed 3 fish and watched a beautiful sunset. Quite a few boats were hooking up but you did have to troll around looking for schools of fish.I didn’t hang around all the boats so not sure how many Chinook were caught.

Water conditions on the Fraser will improve in the next 2 or 3 days, if you want some fresh salmon, Vancouver Salt would be a good bet. Pinks and the odd Chinook will be available on the Fraser although sockeye is still open and anglers are catching a few.

Have a great next few days and hopefully we will see you on the water.

Vic Carrao

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