Fishing Update for June 23, 2011

Vancouver & Gulf Islands Salmon

Salmon fishing has been steady over in the Gulf Islands, we did two trips this past week to Thrasher Rock and the east side of Gabriola. Both trips produced nice Chinook up to 25lb but numbers of fish were not that great, boat load of Dungeness crab on all trips. Seems like each trip we have 4 or 5 chances so it’s just how many chances turn into landed fish. For the most part that is up to the guests and a bit of luck. The Cod and Rock fish are keeping the rods busy when the salmon are not biting.

This picture was just sent to me from the water at 10:08 am on June 23. Great job Chad, you’re the man.

Pitt River Fly & Spin Fishing

We have been on the Pitt all week fishing for sea-run Bull Trout. Although the numbers seem to be down from same period last year, these fish are probably just late as it’s seems to be the trend on all local rivers. We are catching fish on every trip but working hard for each and every one. Our largest trout this week was just under 7lbs, a few fish in the 5 lb range and some smaller ones.

Here is a typical Pitt River Bull Trout you could expect to catch while on a guided trip. This fish was caught a few days ago.

We are catching fish on both Fly & Spoons, Egg Suck’n Leeches, Streamer fly’s and Flash Flys. Most of our fly’s are hand tied and don’t have names, but if your looking to tie some fly’s for the Pitt, I would recommend using pea cock herl, flashabou and some polar bear or died moose or elk hair. Most of our fly’s are 2 to 4 inches in length imitating larger bait fish like herring or needle fish.

The one below is one of my favorites.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing has picked up again, we fished the last 3 days between Mission and Vedder River confluence with good results. Bait of choice has been Eulichons and eels but we are picking up a few fish on salmon eggs and bellies. Some of our larger fish are coming from the salmon baits so they might be starting to key in on migrating salmon.

Berkley releases new fishing line

I finally get to talk about Berkley’s new Nanofil fishing line. Someone of you who fished with me last season might remember using a new fishing line that I was not able to say much about. Well now we can not only talk about it, we can purchase it as this new Nanofil will be coming to stores soon.

You’re probably saying, ya ya, another fishing line, whoopti doo. There are so many new lines are the market it gets a bit confusing. Well trust me when i say, this line is like nothing you have ever used.

Nanofil is not a monofilament, not a braid but something completely new. This line is the first Uni-filament fishing line. It casts effortlessly, casts longer than any line I have used and is extremely accurate. This line has zero memory, zero tangles, zero stretch and virtually eliminates tangles.

Last season I tested this line on one of my spinning reels, we used 12 lb test which is the diameter of about 4lb test. It casts like silk. I compared 8 & 10 lb mono which I was using on another rod/reel, the Nanofil casted twice the distance with half the effort. All our guests that used it were thoroughly impressed with this line.

I am trying to get some pictures of packaging so you can see the line, it is white, soft and has no memory. As soon as I do, I will post.

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