Corona Virus Announcement

To all of our valued customers, past and upcoming;

As a company, we wanted to share some information related to the status of the Covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions and advice regarding it. As we are all aware the situation will continue to evolve in the coming days and likely weeks ahead. Please pay careful and close attention to the requirements and recommendations by government and health professionals and most importantly stay safe.

As we move into spring and summer approaches, planning a fishing trip in BC should be something to look forward to and will likely be considered as an appropriate sporting and social activity for small groups, families and friends. Sportfishing, kayaking, hiking, and Jet boat touring takes you outdoors, takes place in small groups and in open air non-crowded areas. Outdoor recreation in BC can serve as a way to allow you to get out, to avoid crowds and minimize chances of spreading or contracting the virus.

All of the fishing charters we offer are based on private bookings (No Shared Groups). Our large and comfortable jet boats seat 12 guests regularly, however, will be limited to 8 seats to allow social distancing at this time. Privately booked tours still offer groups of up to 12 people to get out on the water together.

As a company we are committed to consistently wiping down our boats inside and out before each tour. We have implemented a stay at home policy for any of our guides, sales team and office associates who are feeling any symptoms or feel they may have been put within close contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19.

Thank you for choosing STS Guiding Service , we look forward to seeing you over the coming months.

Best Regards
Tony Nootebos
Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.