Guide Profile Series- Tom Pearce

Guide Profile – Tom Pearce

Tom is STS Guiding’s most senior guide after Vic Carrao with over 21 years of experience guiding on the Fraser River. Tom began his guiding career back in 1998 working the summer/fall busy season. Back in the early days the STS Team consisted of Vic Carrao, Eric Skanning, Jordi Williams and Greg Wolf & Brent Gill who both worked for Gills Tackle as well as STS. Vic explained “We worked out of the back of Harrison Bay Store which gave us great access to both the Harrison and Fraser rivers. Within minutes of leaving our dock we could be fishing on either river”.

Back then Tom was a repeat customer of Gills Tackle & Guiding, one of Brent’s best customers who fished with him often. Brent was about to go on a lifelong dream adventure to Costa Rica to work as a fishing guide manager at one of these remote lodges. Vic remembers Greg Wolf asking him if he was interested in hiring Tom who at the time was considering buying Brent’s jet boat. Greg and Brent had great things to say about Tom and 21 years later he is still with STS.

Tom is a go getter, he is at the dock 2 hours before his trip preparing his gear and bait for the day ahead. An 8 hour charter is more like 12 hours if you include Tom’s prep time. He really cares about providing a great trip for guests, always competitive and wanting to do the best job that he can. Vic recalls “Before Tom, I was usually the first person at the boats in the morning. I remember after hiring Tom, I would arrive at the usual 5am and see a light on down at the boats. At first I thought someone was stealing stuff but no, it was Tom getting his gear ready”. Tom has made a name for himself over the years as one of the top fishing guides on the Fraser, if not in all of British Columbia. He is our most requested guide and has helped Vic make STS what it is today.

As with everything in life, nothing stays the same for too long. Tom has taken on many roles and responsibilities over the years for STS. These days Tom mostly guides his repeat clientele and helps STS with larger groups and fishing tournaments so he can spend more time with his son Kyle and wife Jessica. Tom also works with our good friend Curtis Besse at his Jet Boat repair shop located in Mission. Tom continues to evolve as does STS. He is considered one of the best guides on the Fraser River and has an established clientele that frequently return to fish with him. On the fun meter, there is no better guide on the Fraser. If you get an opportunity to fish with Tom, you will be thoroughly entertained. We are very grateful for all that he has contributed to STS and the fishing community.

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