Guide Profile #2 – Renee Coghill

Guide Profile – Renee Coghill

“I first met Renee back in 2014, I had hired a multi-media company to shoot some footage of the Fraser Canyon” says Vic Carrao, past owner and founder of STS Guiding. Right off the top, I could see her excitement and enthusiasm for what this day was about to hold. She sat beside me while I navigated through some rather large and technical rapids, her grin was ear to ear which surprised me as many people are filled with fear. We talked about her background in fishing and white water rafting which explained the excitement and lack of fear for big water.

I learned that she had guided in Ontario as a white water rafting guide, which again explained why she couldn’t wipe that smile off her face. I also learned that she was very passionate about fishing, boating and the outdoors. At the time, I was looking for a deckhand to assist me with some of my larger groups, Renee was freelancing in the Tourism Industry doing video editing for local business and Cities so I offered her a part time gig working on the water. As they say, the rest is history.

Renee has been working alongside Vic Carrao of STS since 2014, Vic say’s that although he only hired Renee to deck hand and assist with larger groups,”.. it turns out that she had some serious fishing skills along with an incredible amount of passion”. “I was dealing with some health issues in 2015 and was having a hard time driving the jet boat, Renee was doing a great job so I thought what the heck, let’s see if she can drive”. Well turns out Renee can not only take great pictures, video’s, play in a rock band, white water rafting and fish, she can also drive a 800HP 28ft twin engine jet boat.

Born and raised in Eastern Canada, Renee grew up fishing Ontario’s rivers and lakes with her dad who is an avid fisherman. Renee has over 20 years of multi-species angling experience from the Great Lakes tributaries in Ontario to here in the Fraser Valley BC. Her passion for white water and fishing are evident the second you board the boat, she enjoys sharing her experience and passion with the clients on board. When she’s not guiding, you’ll find her actively fishing on local rivers around British Columbia, targeting sturgeon, salmon and steelhead, picking mushrooms, hiking or playing her guitar around the campfire.

This past season was Renee’s first opportunity to run one of STS guide boats on her own without Vic. “She killed it” say’s Vic, nothing but great reviews from our mostly male dominated guests. After 5 years of boating and fishing beside Vic in the canyon, Renee has seen it all. “She is more than ready to run her own jet boat” says Vic. Renee will continue to work beside Vic in the Canyon for his July to Sept season then turn to the lower Fraser and Harrison during the spring and fall where Renee will be on her own running one of the company jet boats.

“We are extremely excited to have such an amazing young lady working with us at STS” says Tony Nootebos owner of STS Guiding. The only female fishing guide on the Fraser River working in a male dominated industry, how cool is that? Don’t be fooled by her looks, Renee is a serious and more than capable angler who puts big fish on the beach day after day. We wish Renee the very best for 2020 and are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy your day with Renee.

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