April 4 Fishing Update

The past few days we have seen a steady rise on the Fraser River, there are some smaller sticks and debris floating down so you need to use caution. Looking at the local forecast my guess is we are about to see some local flooding in smaller creeks or at least some high water in rivers like the Vedder & Chehalis. The Fraser will continue rising but it is really a wait and see as to how much water we will get.

Sturgeon fishing has been good this past week, we are getting fish on all kinds of bait so that is a good sign they are getting ready for the big feed on Eulachon. Once we see substantial feed in the river sturgeon will key in on fresh only and fishing will get a bit more challenging. Using baits like eggs and lamprey will often out fish previously frozen store bought.

We have been landing some nice 6 and 7 footers so we are seeing some good fish.

We would like to welcome our newest member to the guide team Chris Burdekin. Chris has been fishing the Fraser Valley for many years and enjoys chasing salmon on the fly as well as fishing for white sturgeon. We are looking forward to getting Chris out on the water.

This sling is used by our guides to handle small, medium and the odd larger sturgeon at the boat, here we are able to scan, measure and tag each sturgeon as part of the FRSCS volunteer tagging program. The fish can easily swim out of this sling when he is ready to go. If you would like to learn more about the sturgeon tagging we do on our guided fishing trip, feel free to contact us at sts

There is still lots of local steelhead fishing going on, the Vedder is still producing some nice fish and now is the time to start fishing the Harrison with a fly. Salmon fry are coming off the gravel beds as we speak so try using patterns like egg & I or epoxy minnow work as well. You can also try targeting the trout and whitefish with small Gibbs spoon. I like using the smaller crocs and Colorado blades.

We are out on the water daily right now, we are fishing the Fraser for sturgeon, Harrison for trout and sturgeon and also offering Lillooet river trips. We would love to show you one of these great fisheries.

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