Sept 22 fishing report update

Now that the Fraser is open to salmon fishing there are plenty of opportunities for fishing in the Fraser Valley. The albion test fishery is showing good numbers of Chinook migrating up the Fraser, Chum salmon are now starting to trickle in and a few Coho starting to show at the Vedder confluence. Overall it is really starting to take shape and sturgeon fishing has been good to excellent.

Fraser River Sturgeon fishing has been good to excellent this past week, lots of fish in the lower river with 6 to 12 fish per trip on average with a few larger fish being caught as well. Some of these giants are starting to get full so using smaller baits and trying baits other than salmon parts is a good choice. We’ve done well on Lamprey and Pike Minnow this past week as well as salmon parts.

Salmon fishing is now open on the Fraser River, as mentioned above, the test fishery is showing some strong numbers so it’s a great time to get out and try some bar fishing for Chinook and chum or fly and spin fish for Coho or Pink Salmon. Be sure to check your regulations for species and methods to use for sportfishing. Once again the government is asking anglers to selectively fish using methods such as bar fishing, spin fishing or fly fishing.

Over the next 60 days is some of the best fishing the Fraser has to offer for both salmon and sturgeon, if your looking for that trip of a lifetime, we still have space and would love to have you out. Give us a call 604-671-3474 or e-mail us at sts

Have a great weekend,

Vic Carrao

STS Guiding Service