Strategies for Winter Steelheading

Winter Steelhead Strategies and tips.

Presentation is everything! You’ve probably read this a thousand times, and it’s for a good reason. How many times have you heard "first cast, hit a big one" or "I walked in above these guys, 3rd cast, Fish on!" It’s been my experience that most Steelhead are caught within the first 10 casts of any one offering. Choose the primary lie in any given run. This is the most likely spot a fish would be traveling or holding. Place yourself well above and only enter the water when it’s absolutely necessary. Make your first cast above the predetermined primary lie and allow your offering to drift as naturally as possible.

10 cast rule, bread and butter of most successful Steelheaders. Once you’ve determined the primary lie you need to determine secondary lies then separate the run into sections to fish. I.e.: riffle, runs, tailout, and transition water. Choose which sections you want to fish, take into count, water depth, color and temp etc. Now you’re ready to begin fishing. Make no more than 10 casts in the same slot. If you’re fishing boulder runs, no more than 5 casts. If you feel the need to make more casts, "change the offering." Sometimes a small change can payoff with a nice fish. Once you’ve made your 10 casts walk downstream staying above the water not fished yet, so not to spook any possible takers. Continue this way throughout the run, you maybe surprised with a nice chrome fish.

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Vic Carrao